#mcm goes to these mens. #raulesparza us my 5ever mcm and #jessemccartney is on here in honor of the concert tonight!

I actually held Aryana and she didn’t cry! I took a selfie with her and asked if she could smile and she shook her head yes and started smiling. Her smile was bigger before I took the picture. I had to document that she wasn’t crying when I held her. She’s such a cutie. 😀❤


Raúl Esparza Comic-Con Interview


Dennis DiPalma realising it’s not going to go his way.

Poor, sweet, amoral baby.


Could this man be any more adorable. 

He is so genuinely overwhelmed by the response he received and so happy.


If I ever meet Raúl how do I ask him to put his hand to mine and do the compare thingy without being completely weird? Because this needs to happen. Just look at those hands😳


That gorgeous happy face.


I’m really proud to be a Fannibal. We are magnificent.